“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”   Matthew 6:21
Rev. Banks message on Sunday morning was titled “Priorities” with scripture text taken from Matthew.  We struggle with our priorities and try and figure out where faith fits in.  We have to step back and focus on what is really important. What is important is to commit our lives to God and God alone.
This past week we had two pilgrims go on the Women’s Walk to Emmaus at Camp Gilmont in Gilmer, Texas.  It is a great experience. If you haven’t been on a Walk I encourage you to have your church sponsor you or you can contact Greater Rose Area Community of Emmaus.
Happy birthday to Margaret Ann McNear and Stephen Smith. 
Prayers for Billy Waters, Nolan House, Alesia Taylor.
Copy this truth: Jesus + me= More than enough.
Have a great week.
Reported:  Mary White

Huius ego nunc auctoritatem sequens idem faciam. Quis est, qui non oderit libidinosam, protervam adolescentiam? De malis autem et bonis ab iis animalibus, quae nondum depravata sint, ait optime iudicari. Et ille ridens: Video, inquit, quid agas; Sed erat aequius Triarium aliquid de dissensione nostra iudicare.

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