From the moment they find out they’ll be a father, their life changes. There are those who embrace the role, and those who do not. We have all heard far too many stories about the ones who have not embraced fatherhood and at the same time we all get goose-bumps when we able to encounter fatherhood in it’s magnificent beauty.


Just to clear up matters, let’s all understand a few things about being a father. While fathers are born with conception, Dad’s are born at birth, at the beginning of the relationship. Moms have a 9 month process of developing intimacy and a bond, but dads are created in a moment.

Fathers require and immediate investment of time, but dads require a commitment that lasts a lifetime. Through ups and downs, Dads are there. You see, Dads make a difference, they shape us, they instill within us a legacy. And we must understand that God does the same thing. God makes a difference in our life, He shapes us and instills a legacy for us to share. And He does this with Love and He does this with Grace.


I am reminded of the Prodigal Son and his Father, from time to time. As the son was returning, the Father saw him from a distance. I wonder if the son saw his father first or heard him. What I do know is the Father ran to his son.
Listen to the voice of Our Father, our Daddy,

“My heart beats for you and my love for you stirs up my pity. I won’t punish you in my anger and I won’t destroy Israel again. I am God and not a human. I am the Holy One, and I am among you.” Hosea 11:8-9

His word, I am among you, do you believe that? Do you believe God is near? He wants you to. He wants you to know He is in the midst of your world. Wherever you are, as you read these words, He is present. In your car, in your office, your bedroom, your den, He is near.
He has involved himself in the traffic, heartbreaks, and funeral homes of our day. He is as near to us on a Monday as on a Sunday. God comes to the place where you live, steps up to the door, and knocks. But it’s up to you to let Him in.
You see, He is invested and committed to your life. He loves you and more than anything He wants you to know of His love for you and for you to love Him back. And to make sure you knew what you needed to know, He came down and walked among us in Jesus Christ. He dwells among us through the Holy Spirit.

God’s plan to reach out to his Children knows no limit because heaven and earth knows no greater passion than God’s personal passion for you and your relationship with him.

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