Do you believe you were created for a purpose? The right answer is yes. But coming to this conclusion, one in which we can do something with, is a difficult task. Over the years, even the ones that have been good to us, we pick up stuff, baggage. Before too long we put some in the closet, this in a box, that under the bed and move on with life. The next thing we know, those things which we put away are forgotten, waiting or deteriorating. Then comes the day when it is time to inventory the things that mean the most to us. It gets complicated. What if I were to ask you today, what is it that God has called you, one of His uniquely equipped servants, one of His ministers to do? Could you name or articulate it in 25 words or less? Would you be able to share the unique contribution you have made along side of the other 6 billion potential followers of Christ? Would you be able to then share how you will live that out even today?


God’s mission is easy to miss. It is hard to be God focused when we are so self-focused. Finding out our unique purpose takes time and energy. We have to listen, pray and study. The earliest Christians did what ever it took to hear God’s voice.
The following conversation occurred between a canary in a cage and a lark on the window sill.

The lark looked in at the canary and asked, “What is your Purpose?”
“My purpose is to eat seed.”
“What for?”
“So I can be strong.”
“What for?”
“So I can sing,”
answered the canary.
“What for?”continued the lark.
“Because when I sing I get more seed.”
“So you eat in order to be strong so you can sing so you can get more seed so you can eat?”
“There is more to you than that,”
the lark offered.
“If you’ll follow me I’ll help you find it, but you must leave your cage.”
It’s tough to find meaning in a caged world. But that doesn’t keep us from trying. Mine deep enough in every heart and you’ll find it: a longing for meaning, a quest for purpose. As surely as a child breathes, they will someday wonder, “What is the purpose of my life?”
When you identify your mission, it will be clear, focused, and you will know without doubt. It will come from your passion and will probably be connected in some way to your life and your ministry experiences. It will also be something you feel is a gift from God. Ultimately, you can’t keep from doing what it is God is call you to do. You are created, by God, for a purpose that is only yours.

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