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“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”  Psalms 51:10                                          
Rev. Banks continued his series on “The Blueprint of Grace: Repentance & Contrition”  with scripture text taken from 2 Samuel 12.  The message  continues from last week.  As we talked about Prevenient Grace, or the Grace that is upon us before we even know it.  It is that irresistible pull to seek Him out.  As we draw closer to God we are confronted with who we are:  Imperfect, but loved.  We are also faced with a sense of inequality God gives us everything, but what can we offer God?  If repentance means being sorry and confession means actually owning and admitting your fault.  Contrition is what you do after confessing for your sins or brokenness.  This is what we can offer to God.  The sorrow for getting caught doing wrong.  The Lord will never reject the contrite heart that rests in Jesus for pardon.
May the life we lead reflect the Grace you offer us every day.
Reported:  Mary White


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